How to Make Structured Water
What if water appearing out of $10,000 pure water systems or perhaps a $100 water filter faucet
could heal and detoxify you as it expands your consciousness? If it is structured water it may.
But if it isnt structured, youre drinking what some modern researchers call dead water. ! !
Yes, you could have filtered, alkaline or reverse osmosis water, however, if you dont understand how to
make structured water because it is made in nature, your water loses the healing potential it is
designed to have. Retain your hat, what you're going to read continues to be hailed as The!pure water systems
most important scientific discovery with this century.! !

Water in Nature Flows Through Vortexes! !

Unlike tap water via a water filter faucet, water anyway flows through vortexes or
whirlpools. This natural action does a number of things more importantly for human health
is lowering surface tension and creating hexagonal water crystals. These crystals develop a
fourth phase of water, beyond gas (steam), liquid water and solid ice. Surrounding these
crystals is fourth phase of water - some sort of gel. !!

Structured Water is in fact not Even H2O anymore - It is H3O2! !under sink water filter

It has a slightly negative electrical charge also. This recent discovery by Dr. Gerald
Pollack with the University of Washington is documented in his new book, The Fourth Phase of
Water. Dr. Pollack also discovered making structured water that excludes common
toxins and contaminants from your crystals as well as the gel space around them. ! !

Toxins are Excluded from the Crystals and Gel of Structured Water! ! structured water unit

Because contaminants are excluded in the crystals and gel of structured water, they can't
pass easily using your cell membranes and are also then performed of the body. So
structured water effectively neutralizes these toxins and contaminants in your drinking water. !! !

Also, due to the lower surface tension, structured water passes easily through cell
membrane for better hydration and detoxification. In this way it detoxifies every cell, joint and
gland in your body, dissolving developed (oxidized) calcium in your joints bringing treatment and
inside your pineal gland for clearer thinking and higher consciousness. ! !

Structured water units are prepared for portable, under-sink water filter faucet, shower, whole
house and commercial use. You'll find out making structured water for overall
health, weight loss, detoxification, pain and stress reduction or simply good tasting, clean
normal water. ! !

Structured Water Units Dont Use Filters !
! !
So economically and then for better health insurance even higher consciousness - structured
water will be the approach to take. I take advantage of it and even travel with my portable device. You'll be able to
taste the difference, and you will notice the difference too!! !

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